What makes StaffOutSource.net Different?

There are quite a few BPOs in the Philippines, and I have nothing negative to say about any of them. What we tried to do when creating our company was to put the Filipino people first.

Filipinos are a happy and generous people who care about their family, friends, and work. From the time they are children, they are taught to read and write English since their parents know the Philippines will always interact, in one way or another, with the West.

When we focus on the Filipino people and their families, we create a work environment that is both enjoyable and driven toward success. Filipinos gain a sense of pride knowing they are working for a company that cares about them. And when that happens, a bit of magic takes place, since those feelings, those emotions, are transferred to our clients. The Filipinos who work on your team, while they are sitting in our offices, they are dedicated to YOUR success.

Another thing that happens is employee retention, which means they enjoy coming to work and rarely think about quitting and moving to another BPO. What that means to you, the client is merely this; as the days and weeks pass, your Filipino team will become more skilled at working for you, accomplishing more and bringing inspiration to their jobs. Ultimately their work increases your bottom line, a win/win for everyone involved.



My life concept is simple, live it and help others to do the same.
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