Some things have changed dramatically, such as technology and the ease with which we can communicate and do business worldwide on the net.  What has not changed at all; in fact, it’s grown more critical, is the role of customer service.  Without quality customer service, a business will find it difficult or impossible to remain competitive today and into the future, that’s not theory, it’s a fact.

The difficulty in achieving this Nirvana of customer service are costs and staff.  It’s easy to imagine having 24/7 customer care, but to bring that to fruition takes time, money and talent. That is unless you consider using a Filipino Virtual Staff.

Up till now, up to the point where you are staring success or failure in the face, how your customer service been handled?  Have you used an in-house staff, perhaps part of your management team?  While no doubt they’ll give it their best effort, it’s likely they aren’t trained for the position or skilled in handling customer service issues, which range from easy to difficult to seemingly impossible.  But what choice do you have?

It doesn’t matter the size of your company; customer service is still one of the crucial elements of success.  When a customer says, “Thanks, you solved my problem,” or gives a 5 Star review, you can be assured they’ll also be sharing that experience with friends, family and on social media, that’s the age we live in.

While I’m in the outsourcing business, that doesn’t change the facts that having quality customer service (which can be implemented via our company or other BPOs) can give you a competitive edge.  Here are a few points to consider when taking a look at improving or expanding your customer service department.

Costs and The Bottom Line

If you currently have an in-house fulfillment or customer service department, you already know there are substantial costs involved, not to mention the training of each customer service representative.  These costs can be negated, or reduced when you use a Filipino remote team.  These teams are highly skilled, trained in their areas of expertise and available at a much lower cost then you’d pay in western countries.

When you choose a BPO such as ours or others, you’ll be dealing with professionals.  The management teams are focused on bringing in new business which will only happen if they provide highly skilled and tailored workers.  One thing to consider is that the vast majority of Filipinos are college educated, young, motivated and already experienced using the net.  These are the type of individuals who can help any business run smoothly and without issue.

Staying Efficient and Competitive

Today’s world is a competitive arena, and to keep on the forefront of technology and customer care is, pretty much, a full-time job requiring significant resources and personnel.  When you use a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) agency, you are dealing with a company who only has one goal, and that is ensuring that your tasks (be they customer service or any other area) are correctly done, completed on time and budget.  Speaking of budget, there are no hidden fees (o0r shouldn’t be) when you deal with a professional BPO company, one price covers it all, from payroll to insurance and everything between.

Should seasonal demands cause the need for more personnel, that is easily handled, even expected, so ramping up or down can be done without stress or additional expenditures, save the cost of the worker.

Forward Thinking

The world is moving at breakneck speed, and the executive must concentrate on innovation, expansion and increased services if they expect to remain profitable.   This is difficult if in-house teams are busy handling a steady stream of specific customer service requests.  When you outsource to the Philippines, this issue is removed from the equation, allowing you and your team to focus on core efforts, strategic planning and increasing the bottom line.

The Core Issues of Customer Service

  • First-call resolution
  • Average handle time
  • Customer satisfaction

When these metrics show improvement, so too will your bottom line. It’s not a magic button, rather an effective strategy that has proved itself time and time again.

That pretty much covers it, any business that is forward thinking needs to take a serious look at outsourcing and we’d love to throw our hat in the game by answering any outsourcing questions you may have,  There is never any cost or obligation to use our services, just a friendly voice spreading the word about outsourcing to the Philippines.


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