Outsourcing to the Philippines has allowed multiple multinational companies to scale their operations, while also keeping costs in line.

Based on a stellar work ethic, command of the English language plus an overwhelming desire to do a job right, the Philippines BPO Call Center industry has skyrocketed to the top of the pack, dethroning India in the process.

The Philippines have established themselves as a world-class BPO talent, helping small, medium and large companies to reach and exceed their goals.
This infographic was created to help business leaders better understand the tremendous potential within their grasp when using Filipinos as their outsourcers of choice.
Benefits of choosing the Philippines BPO Industry

Command of the English language
Nearly 100% literacy rate
A focused effort to produce thousands of college graduates each year
Highly motivated – Excellent work ethic
Flexible – Intelligent – Creative – Fast Studies
Filipinos Learn English as Children

Nearly 100% of Filipinos speak English.

Their English language skills allow Filipinos to integrate with any English speaking BPO seamlessly
Filipinos speak English naturally, at home, University and when working. It is part of their culture and when spoken is without any overt accent
Filipinos, while proud of their cultural heritage, have adopted western ways in their universities, entertainment, and media. Command of the English language follows this trend.

Besides learning English at school, home and via multiple media channels, western ways permeate the culture. This gives Filipinos an advantage when working with English BPOs.

All these factors when calculated means that when you choose the Philippines as your BPO destination, be assured your staff will be able to clearly and effectively communicate your message.

Filipinos Have a Superior Work Ethics

Filipinos have a work ethic that is instilled in them from birth. Taught from the earliest age the value of a job well done, a desire to see a task through to completion is practically encoded into their DNA.
The Philippines culture was built upon doing superior work on time and budget. Their chief desire being to have their manager say, “Good job.”
It is these traits that have allowed the Philippines BPO industry to soar to new heights. Business leaders understand when they hire a Filipino, they will be getting someone who is motivated, talented and self-assured.
The evidence of this is the number of Filipino outsourcer hired each year. This number continues to rise year after year proving the dedication and diligence of the Filipino worker.
Lower Costs With Higher Quality
There is no doubt that the smart business person keeps a close eye on expenses. Filipino workers charge less but produce quality work based on the talent, creativity and work ethic of the outsourcer.
Industry reports state that business owners in America, Australia, Canada, and the UK are turning to the Philippines in record numbers to take advantage of the low labor costs.

These savings are measured in dollars/euros saved, without impacting the quality of work. Each Filipino worker is highly educated, professional and seeking a career in the BPO industry.

Filipino skills and dedication to the work and employer should demonstrate the fact the Philippines BPO industry is a force that will continue to grow and thrive.
The Philippines Welcome Start-Ups
Start-Ups, much more than established companies, must be diligent with every dollar they spend. Realizing this, many start-ups turn to the Philippines both for cost savings and qualified talent.
SEO (search engine optimization) requires time, talent and attention to detail, something possessed by the Filipino worker.

The fact they can achieve the same or possibly better results for a lower cost is not a reflection on their ability, rather an aspect of their desire to help you achieve success.
Filipinos Embrace Western Culture

Cultural differences left unresolved can potentially cause havoc in a cross-border partnership. Studies show this is the single factor that may cause a company to look elsewhere for an outsourcing team.

There are few if any cultural differences when working with Filipinos who embrace “all things” western reaching adulthood immersed in western education, entertainment, and media.
For generations the Philippines has interacted and embraced the western culture, making it part of their education, politics, and entertainment.
While the Philippines stands strong as its own country, it’s rooted date back 400+ years when the Spaniards and later Americans colonized it. Many of the cultural values have continued unabated since that time.

This blend of cultural heritage allows Filipinos to compete in the global workplace with an advantage. Their work ethic is strong, their language skill superior and their personality humble. This allows social interaction and business integration in an unparallel manner.
Outsourcing Markets To Watch
The Philippines BPO market is poised for action and eager for continued growth, the statistics prove that statement. The following sectors are the most active, and the project continued growth.

1. Call Centers
It’s no surprise that Filipinos dominate this sector, boasting fluency in English and the ability to speak in a personable manner with customers. Based on those qualities, this sector has rapidly become the #1 BPO industry in the Philippines.

2. IT Related Services

Ranking #2, the Information Technology sector has shown steady growth. This sector deals with programming, web design, tech support and other tasks related to IT. Filipinos excel in this sector with many having college degrees specific to IT.
3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO can be a long and tedious process if done by a solo webmaster, or expensive if an SEO company is employed. Instead, a Filipino SEO team can do the work quickly, efficiently and at a price far below what you’d typically pay. Because of this and a tradition of Google First Page” rankings, the SEO sector has experienced stellar growth since the early 2010s.
4. Online Marketing
If a company is to find success in today’s environment, online marketing is a must, but it can be expensive if using traditional methods. Enter the Filipino worker who understands the needs, the technology and the importance of delivering consistent results at a budget price. Those qualities make this sector a continued winner.
5. VAs (Virtual Assistants)

VAs are the lifeblood of the BPO industry, and while they rank last in this list, their importance is not diminished. They can quickly and easily give owners and managers the ability to focus on the “Big Picture,” while their VAs perform daily tasks that may be tedious, but are nonetheless necessary.

The Philippines is poised at the edge of the future, the same future that can carry you and your company into success and prosperity. No matter which BPO country you choose, the BPO industry itself is growing a little more every day. The Philippines is aware of this growth and is doing everything it can to stay on the cutting edge of BPO technology.
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