It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in; you have to keep a close eye on two critical factors, cost, and quality.

If costs are out of line, it’s difficult, possibly impossible to profit.  If quality is not top-notch, you can be assured of losing market share.

When you look toward outsourcing to the Philippines and utilizing a Filipino remote staff, you’re able to capitalize on both of these crucial factors, low cost of labor and high quality of work.  It is perhaps for these  reasons that outsourcing in general, and outsourcing to the Philippines, in particular, has risen in popularity over the last decade.

FACT: Over the last decade, competition between India and the Philippines for outsourcing has been fierce with both countries striving to maintain their market share.

Let’s examine the primary reason a company should consider outsourcing to the Philippines.


While the Philippines have risen to become a world class country, the cost of living remains low.  This is reflected in the cost of labor, which is significantly lower than hiring an in-house staff in a western country such as America, the UK or Australia.  This allows companies of any size to retain remote teams via a BPO agency (Business Process Outsourcing) while saving significantly on overhead such as labor, training, HR, payroll, and infrastructure.

FACT: Hiring a remote staff frees a company from repetitive tasks while also assuring they are completed on time and budget.

Why Choose The Philippines?

There are multiple reasons a company should consider the Philippines as its outsourcing destination of choice.

English Speaking

The Philippines has a high literacy rate, an educated population and is the third largest English speaking country in the world (in terms of people).  This translates into workers who understand the nuance of the language and can integrate into nearly any team where English is needed to complete a task that can range from customer service to understanding and implementing written English instructions.


It is somewhat a “badge of honor” to be college educated in the Philippines.  Parents save and scrimp, and children prepare for their college years with enthusiasm.  Each year universities the Philippines graduate close to half a million eager and motivated young people, with a significant portion entering the BPO industry.

Beyond the new graduates, outsourcing in the Philippines isn’t new, and there are many seasoned professionals capable of stepping into central outsourcing roles such as overseeing a project, assigning workers and steering a project to completion.

The Country and Culture

Outsourcing in the Philippines is the gift that keeps on giving, and every Filipino is aware of this.  The government, the universities, and the culture all keep a keen eye on outsourcing and collectively work toward keeping the Philippines center stage on the world outsourcing scene..

FACT: BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is a significant player in the economy of the  Philippines substantially contributing to the yearly gross domestic product.

FACT: Hiring a Filipino remote staff is a win/win.  Western businesses receive quality work at low cost, while Filipinos can put their talents to work in their home country.

How To Get Started Outsourcing to the Philippines

While it’s entirely possible for a western company to set up an outsourcing enterprise in the Philippines, that takes a lot of time, planning and paperwork.  In most instances, western companies will look to a Philippines based BPO who already has an established presence in the country.  Such a company will find, hire, train and cover all expenses of the worker in your behalf, allowing you to pay a single fee which includes the cost of office space, computers, connectivity, HR and payroll, all taken care of by the BPO.

Here at, we do everything possible to create an atmosphere that encourages quality work, while also letting our Filipinos know we appreciate and respect them as people with skill and intelligence.  By doing this, we have one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry, ensuring your project and assigned tasks will proceed without interruption, as workers become more familiar with your processes, their work (already good) will improve over time.

What we take care of:

  • Staff
  • Training
  • Equipment
  • Connectivity
  • Office space
  • Environment
  • Payroll
  • HR
  • Local government regulations
  • Employee morale

Mostly, when you look to, you’re looking at a turn-key solution.  We take care of the people so that they can excel at completing your work on time, on budget and with superior quality.

We take pride in our operation, and we’d love the opportunity to tell you more without any cost or obligation on your part.

GUARANTEE: If we can’t service your needs (but we’ll try hard to do so), we’ll put you in touch with someone who can.

We believe in outsourcing, but more than that, we believe in the Filipino people who are cheerful, loyal, motivated and dedicated to doing an excellent job for you, for themselves, for their own and your future.


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