How Has Outsourcing Effected Western Businesses?

It may have started slowly in 1992 when the first Philippines based BPO was created, but over the past decade Philippines based BPOs have become a Tsunami of productivity, overtaking India and becoming the GOTO location for quality and affordable outsourcing.,

The Question Becomes Why Has This Happened?

Lower labor costs coupled with high work quality and a superior work ethic has cause business after business, entrepreneur after entrepreneur to choose the Philippines. And to the Filipino people, this has lifted them out of poverty, allowing thousands of Filipinos to provide for their families and live a fulfilled life while remaining in their native country.

When asked, business leaders testify to the fact that outsourcing in general and to the Philippines, in particular, has quite literally transformed their business. Listed below are a few of the key benefits when outsourcing to the Philippines.

1. Leveraging Time

When a business outsources their noncore tasks, they are effectively giving themselves and their core team more time to innovate, more time to raise capital, more time to enhance their product line and create a better and more fulfilling customer experience.


Every business needs experts to perform their tasks, the issue is, how to find them, how to pay for them, how to equip them so they can work efficiently?

All those elements are taken care of by your agency of choice. This frees you from the burden and expense of floor space, training, payroll taxes and HR (human resources). Essentially, when you choose to outsource to the Philippines, you are cutting costs, avoiding problems and giving your business a competitive edge.

The Filipino Snowball Effect

When you choose to outsource, it is much like a snowball rolling down a hill. As it travels it picks up speed, grows larger and becomes more potent until it is an unstoppable force. The same holds with outsourcing; you are providing a better customer experience, increasing your services or products and thereby, gaining more satisfied customers. Amazon did not become a powerhouse from one day to the next, but as they provided more and better innovations and user experiences, they grew to become the giant they are today.

Outsourcing to the Philippines is a proven entity, and any business can profit from its use. The benefit listed above are but some of what you can expect when you choose a Philippines based outsourcing agency.

Get in touch and let us explain all the benefits. We are never heavy-handed and always offer a free, no obligation consultation.


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