There is an unfounded fear which, although not as prevalent, still circulates across the net.  That is just this; some business owners fear the possibility of losing control if they utilize a Filipino Virtual Staff for some of their business processes.

Doing a little research into this fear, I found a kernel of truth; there are some who have had negative outsourcing experiences.  IN these rare cases, even though the labor costs were low, the overall experience was troublesome, and when asked, one manager for a health services company stated, “It wasn’t all bad, but it was more trouble than it was worth.”

Being a BPO owner and a zealot for the Filipino worker, I had to dig a little deeper and find out if this was a common occurrence or a rarity.  I was thankful to discover it is a rarity, but we can all learn from experience, even a negative one.  The question then becomes, why is there an overwhelming flood of new outsourcing to the Philippines while some still have an overall negative opinion.

“We had difficulty contacting the project manager in the Philippines, which meant we missed a deadline,” said this same health management consultant.

Looking into the matter, I discovered there had not been a clearly defined process or established line of communication which is a recipe for disaster.

While I can’t speak for other BPO agencies, at StaffOutSource.Net we strive for clean and concise communication. Yes, it’s okay to ask about the kids, or where they went on vacation, but the primary objective is accomplishing tasks, on-time, and budget.  For this to happen, all of our teams have a project manager and the client has the means to contact them at any time to find out the status of a project, or to make changes if needed.  By doing this, we ensure that you, our valued customer, get the highest quality of work possible, while still keeping a keen eye on the bottom line.

SUGGESTION: Speak with some BPOs and during these chats, ask pointed questions about delivery, communication and how changes are handled.  When you get in touch with us, we’re happy to answer any outsourcing question and discuss the merits of using a Filipino virtual staff.  If we’re not a good fit, we’ll part as friends.  We desire to have a happy and satisfied client, not merely to fill seats.

When I first considered outsourcing, the year was 2009, and I had little understanding of the industry, I only knew that I needed some help if I wanted to grow and the Philippines seemed to be the best choice.    When I spoke with peers at the time, there were some common objections I heard time and time again, amazingly, they’ve continued over the years, but I felt it was time to set the record straight.

Myth – Outsourcing is only for Fortune 500 and 1000 companies?

Nothing could be further from the truth; in fact, a small business can benefit the most.  While it is true that big business began the process of outsourcing over two decades ago, technology has made it available to anyone, from a small mom and pop shop to a company with hundreds or even thousands of employees.

Myth – Low-cost labor translates to low quality work.

Wrong.  The Filipino people are bright, motivated and for the most part, college educated.  They enjoy working, and they covet the approval of their boss.  A Filipino virtual staff may well deliver better work than you’d find stateside but at a fraction of the cost.

Myth – Language and Culture issues

While I can’t speak to issues that might arise if one were to outsource to India or China, there are few issues when using a Filipino remote staff.  Filipinos grow up speaking English; it is taught in schools and universities and expressed in everyday conversation.  Beyond that, the Filipino people, with a median age of 23, grew up watching American movies and listening to American music, in a word they have become “Westernizes” and there are few if any issues when working with a Filipino virtual staff.

Myth – Time Zones

I’m writing this from Nashville, Tennessee and the Philippines are on the other side of the planet, but that has never been an issue.  First of all, if needed any of our Filipino staff can work the night shift, to sync with American business hours.  Second, the time zone difference allows 24-hour customer service to be implemented quickly.  When your core team signs off at the end of the day, your Filipino staff takes over. Mostly, whatever hours you need our team to be available, we can do.

Myth – Using a Filipino virtual staff will instantly solve your problems.

When I first began outsourcing in 2009, outsourcing did eventually solve my issues and help my business to grow, but it didn’t happen from one day to the next, it was a process.

There is no “Easy Button” in business, it will take some time and effort to get your Filipino team running smoothly, but you need not worry, that’s our job, and we have years of experience to help us implement quickly and correctly.

What’s truly important concerning outsourcing to the Philippines is that you do your due diligence, ask questions, learn as much as you can.  Take advantage of our free; no obligation consults to give you a complete picture of how outsourcing works and how it can help your business.

If you’d like to know more about how a Filipino virtual staff can help you save money, reduce stress and achieve superior results, click the button below and let us explain the benefits, there is never any obligation to use our service.


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