There is little doubt that for a business to grow, no matter it’s size, they must have a strong and varied social media presence.  The question is, do you have the time and inclination to sit in front of your screen all day long, answering queries, accepting friend requests and posting content?  Few of us have that kind of time, but it can still be accomplished using a Filipino virtual staff.

Hiring a social media manager from the Philippines can potentially be one of the best investments a company can make if they intend to grow and remain competitive.  Brand awareness, product sales, customer service, and announcements can be spread across multiple channels allowing your product or service to have a much larger footprint on the net.

If you’d like to know more about how a Filipino social media manager can help your company grow, we’re happy to explain the benefits in a no cost, no obligation consultation.

If you’ve already hired a social media manager, here are a few tips that can make them more effective.


Every business needs leads, leads carefully treated can turn into customers, and that’s what drives the economy. Social media is a perfect place to generate leads; the trick is finding the right channel and means to acquire them.

To accomplish this, it will take time and effort.  You first need to acquire enough followers to create a bit of gravity or influence.  It’s at that time, and when you provide valuable content, that people begin to sit up and take notice of what you have to say.

Accomplishing this as a “one person band’, while possible, is not a prudent use of your time.  This is where an assistant comes into play and can magnify your efforts while allowing you to concentrate on core business tasks.


Social media loves engagement; this is when people react to your content by commenting and sharing.  The difficulty happens when comments are left unanswered, not necessarily based on lack of interest, just that you can’t monitor multiple social channels effectively by yourself.

When you choose to outsource using a Filipino virtual staff, you’re using professionals who are experts in their respective fields.  They get the job done effectively and repeatedly, day in, day out.  While it’s easy to say that, it’s much better when you experience it for yourself.  You’ll immediately feel a burden lifted, and you’ll find your time can be channeled more effectively.

Business Size

The great thing about the net is the fact it levels the playing field, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to compete with the big boys.  But with this opportunity comes the need to participate in the social media game and this is where outsourcing to the Philippines can play a pivotal role.

When you need content curated, profiles updated, questions answered, pictures posted or any of a hundred and one things, your Filipino team, be they one person or one hundred, can carry you to the front of the line.

Choosing the Right Social Media Management Team

The critical decision you need to make, assuming you’ve decided to outsource, is choosing the right company.  Of course I’d like you to consider, but we may or may not be a perfect fit and them only way to tell if we or any other company is the right fit, is to ask  questions, get answers and then make an informed decision.

The Big Picture

It’s crucial that the core team keep an eye on the overall plan and the big picture.  To accomplish this, you need to feel comfortable that certain daily activities, such as social media, are taken care of in a professional manner and according to a pre-approved plan or process.  This is where outsourcing to the Philippines shines.  When you hire a company such as, we shoulder the responsibility of ensuring the operation (whatever it may be) is done correctly on a daily basis.  And then, we make sure that you or your management team is made aware of progress.

FACT: When you employ a Philippines based virtual staff, you are focusing on long-term growth and goals.

Here’s something to consider, who plans your social media campaigns?  Do you do it yourself or is it a committee decision.  Either is fine, but consider bringing your Filipino team into the mix.  While that might not be your first inclination, you might be surprised by some of the “outside the box” thoughts and strategies they may have.  While it’s always your call on how things proceed, when you’re open to new ideas, you may be amazed at the results you obtain.

The median age in the Philippines is 23, which means your Filipino staff is likely young, motivated and full of ideas having grown up with social media a vital part of their life.

While we recommend you take a serious look at outsourcing to the Philippines, that is, of course, your decision.  One thing however that can‘t be debated, social media is, or should be a vital part of any company’s growth strategy.

If you’d like to learn more about how using a Filipino team can help you reach your social media goals, click the button below and let’s start a no cost, no obligation conversation.


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