As this is written, it’s the tail end of Q1 and outsourcing to the Philippines continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  The question might be, why has using a Filipino Remote Staff become the accepted way to do business?  There are multiple factors, some of which we’ll cover below, but one thing is certain, small, medium and large companies have seen the benefits and are continuing to use Filipinos to lighten their workload, while they concentrate on core, business growth activities.

The Best Outsourcing Destination in the World

There will be some that may argue that India or China is the leading destination, but statistics don’t lie, over the last decade, outsourcing to the Philippines has grown to become one of the leading outsourcing destinations in the world.  One of the main reasons, besides the fact that the Filipino people are hard working, friendly and driven to succeed, is the fact the government is wholly behind the effort.  Outsourcing has become a leading economic factor, and both BPO and government agencies continually strive to improve and streamline the Business Process Outsourcing industry.

FACT: The Philippines outsourcing industry has grown steadily over the last several years, and this growth is projected to continue.

STATISTIC: According to the IT-Business Processing Association of the Philippines revenues are projected to reach $40 billion by 2020 and employ 7.6 million workers.

Because of this growth, the competition for client business has become fierce with each BPO striving to improve their services and attract clients.  This benefits the person or corporation looking to outsource as each BPO company is putting their best efforts into acquiring and maintaining a client relationship.  If you’re even considering a Filipino Remote Staff, now is the time to get a free consultation and decide if outsourcing to the Philippines is the right choice for your business.

Cutting Costs

While there are multiple reasons a company may consider a Filipino remote staff, cost savings remain at the top of the list.  Using a Filipino remote staff is hugely cost-effective, ringing in significantly lower than their western counterparts, while maintaining, often exceeding, their quality of work.

How and Why

Living in the Philippines is much lower than an equivalent lifestyle in the west.  This fact trickles down through the economy affecting everything, labor, taxes, infrastructure, payroll, etc.  The savings are substantial, and because of technology, these savings can be passed along to businesses far and wide.

FACT: The end user or business doesn’t need to worry about payroll, taxes, infrastructure, office space or software; this is all provided by the BPO for a single flat fee.


When a business chooses to outsource, they are freeing themselves from the burden of hiring and firing during peak or seasonal trends.  If more workers are required, more workers are nearly instantly available.  Should business slow, these same workers can be removed without having lost the investment of training and equipping these workers.


As mentioned earlier, the sheer competitiveness of the BPO industry forces companies to innovate, upgrade and train their staff continually.  To remain competitive, they must be on the bleeding edge of technology be it telecommunications, IT infrastructure, data security, or internet connectivity.

The Country of The Philippines

While the thought of the Philippines being a third world country is diminishing, there are still those who think of the country as being behind the times, but nothing is further from the truth.  The technology is there even if your business needs unique hardware, it can be obtained.  Government efforts continue to push the limits adapting to changing times and upgrading their infrastructure and privacy policies.  The Data Privacy Act of 2012 places the Philippines right in the middle of world privacy standards.

Deep Talent Pool

The single most important reason the outsourcing industry is flourishing in the Philippines is the people.  They are bright, intelligent, hard-working, educated and fluent in English.  This combination, along with the fact major universities are graduating nearly 500,000 yearly means the best and brightest are entering the BPO sector.  When you need skilled workers, the Philippines is the destination of choice.

The Median Age of the Filipino

As this is written, the median age of the Filipino worker is 23.  This means they’ve grown up using the net, posting on Facebook, tweeting daily and watching American movies.  They are westernized, adaptable and ideally suited to mold themselves into a wide variety of jobs.  If you need it, there is a Filipino who can do it.

Trained For The BPO Industry

The Filipino people place a high emphasis on being college educated.  As mentioned, each year approximately 500,000 graduates enter the workplace, many of whom have received specialized university training in areas that intersect directly with outsourcing such as customer service, data processing and IT.  Bottom line, the Philippines realizes how vital the BPO industry is, and they are doing everything they can to ensure they remain at the top.

Communicating in English

The Filipino people grow up speaking English; it is the second language of the Philippines.  It is taught in school, spoken at home and used daily among friends.  This means your Filipino remote staff will already have the ability to speak, read and understand complex instructions and customer requests.  The literacy rate in the Philippines is among the highest in the world is yet another reason to look seriously at the Philippines as your preferred outsourcing destination.

The Bottom Line

We’ve only scratched the surface in this article; there are also tax benefits to consider, the fact the BPO and not you, is liable for their workers and the fact you’ll be freeing your core team from the burden of administrative tasks.  There is a multitude of reasons you should consider outsourcing.  If you’d like to know more, get in touch by clicking the button below.  There is never any cost or obligation to use our company, just a friendly voice outlining the benefits of using a Filipino remote staff.


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