How We Can Help Your Business Prosper


We all know the world has changed and the workforce of your parents and grandparents has changed dramatically. Today’s workforce is modern, global, talented and utilizes the latest technology to enhance their skills and provide an outstanding user experience.

Today’s technology has allowed businesses to integrate staff from anywhere in the world seamlessly. The workflow is more streamlined and efficient and clear communication allows outsourcing teams to operate effectively year round.

Today’s work-force can be up and running in days, not weeks or months. Floor space isn’t an issue since Filipino teams operate in comfortable, modern offices using the latest equipment and technology. Advantages

  • Skilled and professional recruitment
  • Low attrition rate, among the lowest i the industry
  • Western account managers
  • The best and brightest Filipino workers
  • Easy pricing model
  • No contracts locking
  • Training and support programs
  • Modern workstations
  • Team members live close-by

Every Team Includes:

  • Skilled highly trained professionals
  • Current, up-to-date workstation
  • VOIP integration
  • On-going training
  • Meeting and board room access
  • Redundant Internet
  • Back-Up Generators
  • On-site security

Our years of experience allows us to build small, medium or large teams that are flexible, innovative and driven to succeed. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, our teams can accomplish tasks efficiently at a very competitive price. is your off-shore office hosting a team of professional Filipinos energized to carry you toward success.

Our Recruitment Methods

Based on techniques refined over the past decade, our recruitment team will find the perfect candidate for your needs. They’ll not only have the right skill set, they’ll also have the right mindset and will integrate perfectly into your existing infrastructure.

FACT: We continually strive to create and maintain an environment that promotes staff retention, essential to us, important to you.

With staff retention at the center of our recruitment efforts, we focus on a workspace that promotes performance, while also supporting family values and a sense of accomplishment, augmented with awards, training, staff trips and activities.

Our commitment is both to you, the client and our staff, the Filipino people. We accomplish this with a workplace that makes coming to work enjoyable, a place where they’ll not only complete critical tasks but sit side-by-side with family, friends, and peers.

Management Team has an experienced team at its core with decades of combined experience. Utilizing both western and Filipino managers, we can quickly and effectively bridge any cultural issues of which there are few. Our managers are experienced and focus and have built their respective reputations on offering solutions, never excuses.


Our business ethics are fundamental to us. We never sacrifice when it comes to taking care of our staff, and we always trade with fairness and the best intentions. We adhere to all local laws, taxes and HR responsibilities.

We believe our staff and the community where we work is important both socially and environmentally. We operate as “green” as possible and participate in community-driven projects.

We’re here for the long term and we hope you’ll give us a chance to prove it.