If you’re in business, you already know that competition can be fierce and any company that plans on remaining in the game, must always be looking for ways to maintain or progress their position.  Outsourcing to the Philippines is no longer the new kid on the block and has proven itself as a viable means for any business to accomplish more on less.

What this equates to are both long and short term benefits.  Of course, it is vital that you connect with a well-established outsourcing agency that has the personnel and infrastructure to service your needs.  With that single factor in place, you can build a Filipino powerhouse team.

The emphasis should be placed on long-term benefits, while short term benefits can be thought of as a stop-gap or a way to handle seasonal demands or anytime you need professional staff quickly but are reluctant to spend the time, money and energy to hire locally.  Long-term is a perfect Filipino strategy, as Filipinos think of their employer as extended family and work toward accomplishing their goals over the weeks, months and years, rather than only to the end of their shift or the completion of a particular project.

NOTE: The best way to ensure you have a long-term strategy in place is to discuss in depth your requirements with your chosen BPO agency and ensure that both sides of the equation are fair and equitable.

By taking a careful and considered look at exactly what is needed by your company, you can formulate a strategic plan that will serve as a guide for your BPO to find the best Filipinos to accomplish your task most efficiently and cost-effectively.  One way to think about a long term strategy is simply to realize that as workers become more comfortable with their work, they can accomplish more which is, of course, beneficial to the company, but also the worker, as they feel a sense of satisfaction from having done an excellent job for their BPO agency, their western boss (that’s you) and themselves.   It’s widely known that Filipinos have a great work ethic, an ethic that is implanted with them from a young age and carries into adulthood and then, their professional life

For the above scenario to work out profitably, here are a few factors we’ve gleaned from our outsourcing experience.

Objectives and Goals

While outsourcing has become very popular, rightly so, it’s still essential that a company have clear objectives in mind before signing on the dotted line.  For instance, are you only interested in cutting costs or are you considering bolstering the services you offer to consumers?  While both of these are sound objectives, one should initially be at the center of your strategy, then slowly but surely you can implement the second part.  This isn’t any different than following a roadmap to your destination, indeed you may have detours and unscheduled stops, but you are still advancing toward your destination or goal.

What Are Your True Reasons?

While this will seem much the same as the previous section, there are key differences.  Ultimately, why do you need to outsource?  Is it merely to cut costs or might it be beating your competition to market?     Take a close look at what an in-house team would cost, then look at the same tasks being outsourced, what are the cost savings?  If you can save money in labor, while still delivering a quality service or product, then it is a sound and strategic reason to look toward outsourcing to the Philippines.  In today’s global marketplace, many repetitive tasks can be assigned to a Filipino, and the customer will never notice any delay in receiving their desired results.  The Internet changed all of our lives and continues to do so every day.  Globalization is simply an extension of how much and how far the net has woven itself into the very fabric of society.

Vendor Selection

Because outsourcing has become so dominant globally, there is a multitude of choices for a business to consider.  Take your time, ask questions and see if a particular BPO is the right fit for your needs.  While cost is certainly a consideration, it shouldn’t be the only factor.  This is where the old expression, “you get what you pay for,” comes into play.  You’ll want to choose a BPO agency who has experience in your area, has performed well for others and has the necessary resources to ensure your jobs are delivered on time and with excellence.

At Staffoutsource.net, we are certainly not the biggest BPO, but we strive to be among the best.  We’re always happy to speak with anyone concerning outsourcing to the Philippines, explain the benefits and see if we can help you.  If we can’t, we’ll put you in touch with someone who can, and these conversations are always free and without obligation to use our services.

Thus, to find success outsourcing, define your goals, clarify your objectives, find the right BPO agency and you will have taken the first steps to understanding and utilizing the power of a Filipino outsourcing team.


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