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Over time we’ve found that a myriad of companies are interested in outsourcing, but they have questions. This page is for you and we encourage you to read, then get in touch to begin your journey. We always provide free, no obligation quotes.

What is StaffOutsource.net and what’s your purpose?

We are a young company that is driven to provide excellent service to those who wish to outsource to the Philippines.


We are driven, motivated and excited about the future. We embrace technology, using it to enhance our workflow and better realize the needs and goals of our clients. Our primary objective is to help clients improve their productivity and outpace their competition.

 We don’t fear challenges; instead we embrace them
and work tirelessly to find a way over, around or through.

Our processes are transparent and follow a carefully outlined metric ensuring tasks are accomplished perfectly, start to finish. We strive to give customers peace of mind showing them a destination and outlining a detailed roadmap of how to get there quickly and cost-effectively.

We are family owned and strive to build a culture of highly skilled and motivated workers. Our team members enjoy a friendly, motivated and enjoyable environment; team building activities and common goals.
We don’t run a sweatshop, instead encouraging and motivating our team in a fun, exciting fashion. Because of this, attrition rates are the lowest in the BPO industry allowing enhanced performance as workers become more experienced and innovative.

 We are adaptable, able to strike fast or pivot when and if necessary. We understand how business works and use all our resources to help you scale quickly and easily.

We’re here for you, and we’re ready to prove it. Get in touch and let’s start a conversation.

What services do you offer?


We provide skilled Filipino workers to help businesses outsource some or all of their redundant tasks.  Some of those areas are:

Customer Service

Customer Support

Data Entry

Debt Collection

Graphic Design

Web Mastering




Executive VA

Software development

Video Editing


KeyWord research

Facebook marketing

Paid advertising



Legal assistant

Mortgage assistant

Specialized services

How is my project handled if I choose your BPO?


First and foremost we treasure our clients and will do everything possible to ensure a long-term relationship. That said, you are free to cancel at any time with a 30 –day notice without any termination fees.

Of course, we’re going to do everything possible to ensure we never give you any reason to leave. You’ll receive stellar service, continual communication, and a dedicated account manager. We value your feedback and should you need something changed; you need only ask.

What about costs, will I save money?


Without a doubt, labor costs range from 50 to 70% less than most western countries. This, however, does not mean quality is lacking, it is not. Filipinos are among the best in the world and performing at optimum levels is akin to a badge of honor. You can be assured your work will be accomplished on time and often in a better manner than you expected.

And turn-around-time, how does that measure up?


If you’re on a deadline, then so too are your team and us. Filipinos have a high work ethic and do their very best to ensure their boss (you) is pleased with their work. That said, if you have something that needs to be done by tomorrow, we’ll fire up the engine and get the job done.

What are the qualifications of your workers?


Skilled, educated and driven.  Anyone we hire in your behalf is pre-screen, college educated and has command of the English language both written and spoken.  Our team members, while performing your tasks,

Is StaffOutsource secure?


We take every possible precaution to ensure your data and our facility is fully protected. It begins with carefully screening our staff, utilizing secure tunnels (should they be required for your tasks) and using the latest security software and firmware.

Privacy, security, and confidentiality are core elements of our company, and we take them very seriously. Of course, NDAs are signed between our clients and us and all of our team members must sign a blanket NDA for any work performed.

Can your infrastructure support my business?


One hundred percent yes. We utilize the latest technology, software, and infrastructure to ensure smooth operations. This allows you to use our state-of-the-art BPO negating the need to buy additional equipment, software and floor space for expanded services.

What about NDAs and SLAs?


Yes, we require a nondisclosure and service level agreement before any work begins. This for you and our safety.

Will I need to sign-off on a work order?


Yes, but it’s very easy to accomplish.  Simply print out the form we’ll provide, tneter your details, sign and return to us email attachment.

I’d like to take the next step, what’s the procedure?


Very simple, fill out the inquiry form located on the top menu under the “Contact” button and let’s begin a conversation.


"Since switching to StaffOutsource from freelancers I'm back in control. Tasks are done reliably and I can focus on 'big picture' issues. They helped me to simplify processes and removed that feeling of being overwhelmed constantly." - Victoria Kelso, General Manager, Clicks Internet Marketing Pty Ltd - Sydney, Australia

Placed Candidate

“DiviLeads helped me prepare for the job hunt and found me the perfect position in a matter of weeks! Professional and communicative every step of the way!”

Placed Candidate

“DiviLeads helped me prepare for the job hunt and found me the perfect position in a matter of weeks! Professional and communicative every step of the way!”

Placed Candidate

“DiviLeads helped me prepare for the job hunt and found me the perfect position in a matter of weeks! Professional and communicative every step of the way!”

Placed Candidate