There’s an old expression that most of us will have heard many times, “You get what you pay for.”  That’s true in life, and also when outsourcing.

While I believe wholeheartedly in outsourcing, it’s my business; I know that choosing the lowest cost BPO isn’t always the best choice.

At, our prices are competitive, but indeed we can be undercut by other BPOs offering “bargain basement” prices.  The question you need to answer is, are you going with cost or quality?


One company, after price shopping, went with the lowest price offer and felt satisfied with their choice, at least for a time.  The new team was onboarded (with some difficulty) and proceeded to be given tasks to complete.  Problems started from day 1 with miscommunication and thus, missed deadlines. 

The company’s project manager chalked it up to a learning curve and soldiered on, hoping the wrinkles would iron themselves out, they didn’t.  After six months of back and forth struggles, the contract was terminated and (at least for this company) a bad taste for outsourcing was created.

What Went Wrong?

Outsourcing is a very competitive business and, to attract new clients, the third-world BPO decided to cut costs, which in itself could be considered a good business move, however because of this, they were forced to hire substandard workers, and that is the core of the problem.

It’s natural for a CEO or CFO to keep a keen eye on the bottom line, but if the same eye isn’t directed toward quality of work, problems can ensue, as described in the above scenario.

As with anything in life, there are those who do a job well, and others who merely want to get it done and get paid.  While I’m casting no aspersions on anyone BPO, I can say that we employ only the best and brightest Filipinos to work for us, and ultimately to work for our clients.  We believe fervently in paying a good wage, creating an enjoyable work environment, and instilling a spirit of pride in our workers, our company and our reputation, doing less than stellar work simply isn‘t in our company DNA.


Having been involved in outsourcing since 2009, I’m often asked the question about how difficult it is to communicate with a Filipino virtual staff?  The answer is, it’s not difficult at all, since English is the second language of the Philippines and today’s Filipino worker grew up reading, writing and speaking English.  English is taught in schools and universities and used among friends, it’s part of Filipino life.  That’s not to say the Filipino people have lost their culture, they have not, they are loyal to a fault, extremely family oriented and always strive to do their best for family, friends and their employer.

The outsourcing issues of communication may sometimes rear its head when using a low-cost BPO in a country other than the Philippines, where English is not so easily understood.  While some tasks are easy, others are complex, and without a sound understanding of the English language, mistakes can be made which could result in sub-par work, missed deadlines and an overall feeling that, perhaps a move into outsourcing wasn’t that great of an idea.

When you strive for quality first, as we do, you’ll often receive testimonials like this one…

“Since switching to staff outsourced from freelancers I’m back in control. Tasks are done reliably, and I can focus on ‘big picture’ issues. They helped me to simplify processes and removed that feeling of being continuously overwhelmed.” – Victoria Kelso, General Manager, Clicks Internet Marketing Pty Ltd – Sydney

Of course, there will also be those who choose the lowest price and receive excellent work, we’re speaking statistically and not commenting about a specific BPO or country, simply that, overall, selecting the lowest price may cause more problems than it solves.

The following outlines some of the potential issues that may be experienced when choosing the lowest bid.

  • Missed Deadlines
  • Sub Standard Work
  • Poor Comprehension of Instructions
  • Unreliable Connectivity
  • Poor Attitude Based on Working Conditions
  • Delays in Response Time to Queries

Now let’s contrast that with what you get when using a quality BPO (and yes is such a BPO)

  • Motivated Workers
  • Redundant Connectivity
  • Attention to Detail
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Flexible Hours (we’ll work on your time zone if needed)
  • Ability to Easily Scale Up or Down as Needed
  • No Hidden Fees (one price covers it all)

Are we the only BPO that can provide this?  No, of course not, but we’d certainly like the opportunity to show you what we can do.  We’re not the largest BPO, not by a long shot, but because of that, we strive hard to be among the best.  We’re always here, ready and willing to answer any of your outsourcing questions, and there is never any obligation to use our services.  At the least, after speaking with us you’ll have a better understanding of the benefits of working with a Filipino virtual staff, the costs involved and the benefits a company can expect.


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