There are countries worldwide that offer outsourcing services, why should you consider the Philippines?  Outsourcing is no longer “the new kid on the block,” it’s an established industry with countries like India, China, Vietnam, Russia, Mexico, and others reaching out to the world and saying, “Choose Me.”  With all those choices why have the Philippines risen to become a dominating force in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) field?

FACT: The numbers speak for themselves, the Philippines employs approximately 1.5 million employees and is valued at 23 billion.  This isn’t a fluke, there has to be a reason for this phenomenal growth and while there isn’t one single element, listed below are 6 of the key reasons the Philippines have risen so dramatically.


If you can’t easily communicate your needs and business processes, it’s difficult to explain to someone what you want, that is never an issue when outsourcing to the Philippines.

English is the second language of the country and Filipinos grow up reading, writing and speaking English.  Most have a neutral accent (meaning it won’t sound like your speaking to a foreigner) which makes Filipinos a perfect fit for any voice-based task, i.e., customer service.

Beyond that,  the skills of the Filipino reaches beyond just voice-based tasks, being proficient in wide and varied areas.  Managers can quickly disseminate information in English, knowing they will be understood and that instructions written in English can be followed effectively.


While it is never a good idea to make your BPO choice purely based on cost, that is undoubtedly a contributing factor since every CFO has to keep the bottom line in mind.  That makes the Philippines a perfect choice since the cost of living in the Philippines is much lower, and this is reflected in the cost of labor, which is significantly lower than in the West.

FACT: While labor costs are low in the Philippines, the quality of work remains high, based on skilled and educated workers.


Both the country of the Philippines and the Filipino people place a high value on education.  School is government sponsored through high school, and college is a goal every parent strives to reach for their children, it is part of their culture to ensure their children have the very best start in life.

Beyond that, there are a diverse array of continuing education classes on all things IT, allowing Filipinos to become even more valuable in their specialty.


Filipinos have a strong sense of family both close and extended.  They are loyal, friendly and strive always to do a good job, to make their parents, friends or employer proud of what they’ve accomplished, making them perfect for the BPO industry.  They also grew up having a rich cultural history but also being exposed to American movies, TV, and music, allowing them to have a grasp on the ideal of western life.  While that may not factor as highly in business, it does give them greater empathy when dealing with customer concerns.

Diverse Talent Pool

While voice workers will always be, in high demand, Filipinos are not limited to customer service.  The talent pool in the Philippines is diverse and crosses the boundaries to include game development, software development, finance and accounting and more.  When you look at the Filipino people, particularly professionals, you’ll find a wide variety of talent, but all of it rooted in the strong work ethic, which seems to be written into the Filipino DNA.

Government Backed Industry

Before outsourcing to the Philippines became fashionable, the economic status of the country was on a low ebb, but the BPO industry changed all of that.  Today, Filipinos can remain in their home country while still earning a good living and taking care of their families.  Collectively, this means the overall country has benefited, both economically and even culturally from the outsourcing industry and the government of the Philippines is well aware of this fact, also of how competitive the industry is.  With these thoughts in mind, programs have been initiated to improve transportation, education, connectivity and more making this an ideal time for western companies to look to the Philippines for their outsourcing needs.

Globally Competitive

Any BPO in the Philippines, ours being one, has to keep an eye on the worldwide competition of the industry, always striving to improve their infrastructure and provide a better environment for their workers, increasing retention rate.  What this means for you or any business considering outsourcing is merely this, the timing is perfect for a move into using a Filipino remote staff.  Forward-thinking companies have to at least consider outsourcing as a means to remain competitive and broaden their global reach.

If you’d like to know more, if you’re interested in the possibilities, we’d love to help you explore the options.  We offer a no cost, no obligation consultation, designed to give you a better understanding of the sector and how it might be beneficial to your business.  Click the button below to schedule a free consultation.


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