Here at StaffOutSource.Net, we strive to treat all of our clients as partners.  And while the business is of course theirs, we operate as part of the team, collaborating in a manner that will ensure your success.  Ultimately, we’re only as successful as the clients we serve, so your goals, objectives and bottom line is always at the epi-center of our operation.

No matter which BPO you ultimately choose, it’s imperative yo choose one that puts you first, that understands what you are striving to accomplish and uses every facility of their agency to ensure you reach, possibly even exceed your business goals.

And while, in the true sense of the word, we are separate entities, you and your BPO needs to operate with one mind, both of you pulling in the same direction.  This type of teamwork not only ensures a smooth running operation, but the most effective way to arrive at your desired destination.

Choosing a Outsouring to the Philippines BPO

Choosing the right BPO, as mentioned, is paramount to your long-sucess.  Take your time, ask questions, read the reviews, then make an informed decision.

Outsourcing Goals

Here are a few thoughts you should keep in mind as you select your BPO

1.  Are you seeking to lower labor costs?

2. Are you interested in providing a better overall user experience?

3. Do you want to expand your list of offered services?

4. Do you expect that using a Filipino virtual staff will ultimately increase your bottom line?

While that’s not a definitive list, it should serve to focus your goals and help you ask the right question when shopping BPOs.

High Quality – Low Cost

When you outsource to the Philippines, and assuming you choose the right BPO, two things are assured.

1. Your labor costs will be lowered.

2. Your tasks will be done efficiently and delivered on time and budget.

The goal, which often can be daunting, is to find a company that is professional, but one that also gives you a personal touch.  Essentially, you’re looking for a company that can act as a strategic partner, not one that is simply filling seats.

Knowledge Base

Because outsourcing to the Philippines and using a Filipino Remote staff has become so large, there are BPOs that specialize in particular sectors.  While not every business needs this specialization, some will.  If you’re one who does, then be upfront and specific, tell your perspective BPO exactly what you need and determine whether or not they are the right choice for your needs.

It’s a bit like going to the doctor, you can choose a GP (General Practionaner) or choose a specialist.  In most cases the GP can take care of what ails you, but there are times when he’ll recommend you speak to a physician with specilized knowledge and the same is true with a BPO.

Location – Location – Location

While that’s key component of Real Estate, it also plays a part when you choose an outsourcing company.  While we are a Philippines based BPO, there are of course outsourcing agencies in India, China and a host of other countries.  The actual geographical location doesn’t really matter in today’s world, but do ask the question of whether or not they will operate on your time zone or only the time zone of their home country.  Both sides of that equation have their merits, particularly if you wish to expand to 24 hour customer service model.

FACT: In today’s world, globalization has in many ways erased time zones, essentially making the world a 24/ marketplace.  Discuss this with your BPO, ensuring that you both understand what is expected and what can be delivered.

Retention Rate vs Attrition Rate

When you find a good employee, whether they are in your home town or the other side of the planet, that person is someone you want to hang onto.  When they stay within their respective positions (termed, retention rate), over time they become even more proficient in their jobs, which is to be desired.  Attrition rate is when that same employee becomes dissatisfied and decides to leave and seek greener pastures, which is too be avoided.  Discuss attrition vs retention rate with your perspective BPO.  The better BPOs treat their employees well, giving them reasons and incentives to remain a faithful employee.

Scaling Up and Scaling Down

Business changes depending on the time of the year, promotions being run and overall growth strategy.  Your BPO of choice should be able to easily and quickly scale up or down depending on your needs.  Discuss this crucial factor with your BPO of choice, they should have the resources and experience to scale in either direction as your needs require.


Here we’re not talking about your Filipino virtual staff communicating with the end user which of course is crucial; but communication between key personnel.  There should be no roadblocks between you and them, if a pivot is needed, it should be implemented seamlessly without either party wondering exactly what is required of the other.  During your initial conversion with your BPO of choice, determine whether or not you both seem to be on the same channel, which will become vital further down the road.

Making Your Decision

This post isn’t designed to be the end all of points to consider, merely a guide.  There are many BPOs to consider and of course you’ll likely have your own set of criteria.  The bottom line is simply this, when there is a good flow between you and your BPO, you can be assured that any business processes you’ve outsourced, will be done to your satisfaction by an experienced and professional Filipino remote staff.

At, we believe in complete transparency, if you have a question or concern, we never didge the issue, rather use it to better service your needs.  We’d love to tell you more about our company and how we may be able to help.  All our conversations are free and without obligation to use our services.  Click the button below to find out more.


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