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We connect businesses with talented, professional Filipino staff.  We pay the 13th month, overtime, holiday pay, SSS, health insurance, but the client only ever pays one flat hourly rate.

Filipinos are highly educated, speaking and writing English like a native.  Whatever your needs, customer service, data entry, programming, web mastering, debt collection, bookkeeping graphics, or executive VA, we can serve your needs at a very affordable price.

The Philippines – A World Class Outsourcing Destination

Entering the BPO industry in 1992, the Philippines has risen to de-throne India as the #1 Outsourcing destination

If you’re ready to outsource your business or merely curious, get in touch for a FREE no-obligation quote. Our success is measured by how well we help you reach and exceed your goals.

We Build Lasting Relationships
Between Businesses
& Filipino Virtual Staff

At StaffOuotsource.net, we strive to be forward thinking. We practice team building and always strive for a positive work environment.

Because of that, our workers stay with us long-term and become better and more innovative over time. The Filipino work ethic couple with our environment creates a powerful force that can and does rise to every occasion.

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"Since switching to StaffOutsource from freelancers I'm back in control. Tasks are done reliably and I can focus on 'big picture' issues. They helped me to simplify processes and removed that feeling of being overwhelmed constantly." - Victoria Kelso, General Manager, Clicks Internet Marketing Pty Ltd - Sydney, Australia

Thanks guys, you rock!

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Industry News

Outsourcing To The Philippines or India The Continuing Debate 2019

Outsourcing To The Philippines or India The Continuing Debate 2019

There was and remains a great many myths concerning outsourcing to the Philipines.  One tale concerns a sweatshop environment where workers labor deep into the night for low wages.  While there may well have been some of that happening in the early days of Philippines...

Building a Relationship with Your Filipino Virtual Staff

Building a Relationship with Your Filipino Virtual Staff

Communication is an integral part of life, in business, in relationships, in our daily activities.  When we don’t effectively communicate, it’s tough to accomplish what we want, unless you’re a “one man band” and plan to do it all yourself. When you use a Filipino...